How your information gets on the web:


Phonebooks & Online White Pages


If your phone number and address are listed in your local phone book, it will also show up in Online white page results.


Social Networking Profiles

Social Networking

Your public social networking profiles rank in the search engines, making the content available to sites like 123People and Spokeo.


Real Estate Records

Real Estate Records

Your real estate records can be found on most background check websites, and are also available for free on many real estate websites.


Marketing Surveys

Marketing Surveys

Marketing surveys provide data about your name, age, and demographic that is widely, usually publicly, available.


Online Maps

Online Maps

Online maps are used by hundreds of thousands of websites, including mobile applications available on most smart phones.

We're here to help!

We want you to know that your information doesn't have to be available on the Internet for the world to see! By opting out of these invasive background check and information database sites, you'll be taking the appropriate steps towards protecting your privacy. At UnlistMy.Info, we will provide a continually updated list of the top sites collecting your information, and instructions on how to remove yourself from their public listings. Check back often for new sites, and if you know of one that we don't, be sure to submit it!